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Automatiser din CNC maskin på 5 dage


In only five days, they’ve programmed a Universal Robot and Robotiq’s 2-Finger Gripper to operate the CNC machine by itself, allowing the 3 employees at Lowercase to focus on the countless things they have to do in this start-up business.

Whippany Actuation Systems
New Jersey USA
– CNC Machining case study


Whippany Actuation Systems, a manufacturer for the aerospace and defense industry, increased its production capacity and consistency while improving employee motivation by integrating the Robotiq 2-Finger Robot Gripper with Universal Robots on its production line.

OTV Plast, Danmark


Like many other companies, OTV Plast has a lot of repetitive manual tasks either in the manufacturing process or in the handling of materials or finished parts. This is a classic example of where a robot from Universal Robots can make a big impact. Since installation OTV Plast have seen productivity increase at the milling machine by approximately 35 percent. The new technology allows OTV Plastic to bid for orders which were not possible before. As a result more robots will ultimately find their way to OTV. The experience of the first robot makes it even easier to justify the expense of additional investment.