Bli inspirert av eksempler på anvendelse av våre roboter i alt fra små til store virksomheter world wide.
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Creating Revolutions, Miami, USA


The Miami startup Creating Revolutions was experiencing double-digit product reject rates in the assembly of their hospitality service pager. Watch how the multitasking UR3 cobot now handles soldering, drilling, silicone dispensing and light assembly while being controlled and monitored in a cloud-connected system, reducing rejects to near zero while increasing production efficiency almost five-fold.



Dynamic Group, Minnesota, USA


Dynamic Group, a Minnesota based contract manufacturer, had difficulty staffing their injection molding production and wanted to make better use of existing labor force. Three collaborative robot arms from Universal Robots have now taken over machine tending and kitting tasks resulting in improved product consistency and a 400% increase in production capacity for those applications.


Paradigm Electronics, Canada


Paradigm Electronics is a Canadian manufacturer of high performance loud speakers and subwoofers. In trying to meet demand on labor-intensive products, Paradigm has now implemented a UR10 collaborative robot from Universal Robots in a polishing applications. This is resulting in significantly increased production throughput eliminating bottle necks while improving the work environment for the workers. Introducing a collaborative robot in the polishing department has lead to a 50% production increase for Paradigm